4 Sticky Car Problems WD-40 Can Solve

July 5th, 2017 by

WD-40 is sort of like reverse-duct tape. Think about it. Duct tape is an affordable household item that is every handyman’s friend—there’s nothing it can’t stick together. WD-40 is another familiar item in every garage and workshop across Summerville, and it also has legendary power—to unstick anything under the sun.

It’s a great product for maintaining your pre-owned vehicle. Using nothing but a bottle of WD-40 spray lubricant and a clean towel (and protective gear, if you’re playing it safe!) you can quickly and easily remove:

  • Stuck-on bugs from your fender
  • Bumper stickers and badges
  • Bubblegum from cargo-area carpets and mats
  • Grime from wheels or hubcaps (spray onto towel first so you don’t accidentally lubricate your brakes!)

Who knew WD-40 was so good for automotive detailing? You may never want to wash your car without it again! Check out the Autoblog video above for more in-depth instructions, and visit Automaxx of the Carolinas to find a great deal on a used car!

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