Automaxx Advantages

Automaxx of the Carolinas has always had the same goal in mind:

To Provide an Experience that can't be matched!
To Create Customers for life by providing all the information to make a proper buying decision!
And to Provide a Quality Vehicles with outstanding Protection!

But we realized that much of what we are providing is different than the competitors in town.  Here we wanted to clearly list the
ADVANTAGES of doing business with AUTOMAXX.

1. Our 3 Month/ 3,000 mile Certified Warranty is one of the major separating factors from the other Pre-Owned Dealerships. Your vehicle has all the coverage listed on the Certified Warranty Page for 3 months  or 3,000 miles after you buy, whichever happens to come 1st.  You can use this warranty anywhere in the country and it is Insured by AUL (the number 1 rated warranty company by the Better Business Bureau.)  This warranty is No Charge for all of our qualifying vehicles. It has a $100 Deductible and only excludes vehicles that we are retailing for less than $5,000 and some HIGH LINE vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW, Etc.  If you are concerned that the vehicle your interested in doesn't qualify for the 3 month/ 3,000 mile warranty just call and ask!
2. 1 Year Maintenance Included is 2 Oil Changes, 2 Tire Rotations, and 2 Multi-Point Inspections.  All must be performed within 1 year of purchase but they are No Charge to the Customer.  If you are driving a vehicle that requires Synthetic Oil this could be up to $300 worth of savings.
3. 7 Day Peace Of Mind Guarantee:  This states that you have 7 days or 500 miles to exchanged the vehicle you purchased for another on our lot. We understand that sometimes you just can't make your mind up.  Buyers Remorse is something everyone fears. Hopefully knowing that you can sleep on it for a few nights will give you that PEACE OF MIND that you got it right!
4. $250 Coupons & $250 Discount provides two huge service advantages.  We are going to give you a loyalty card (No Charge) to track all your service exchanges.  You will receive a coupon book with several pages of coupons such as: $10 off next oil change, $15 off Brake resurface, Etc. Then while you build up service dollars, 50% of everything you spend is totaled up. That amount can be used as a discount off your next vehicle purchase (Max of $250 off).
5. We want to buy your car!  This is as simple as it sounds.  We want to buy your car whether you buy ours or not.  We will pay cash for your vehicle the same day (Excludes Saturday) when you bring your title with you! 
6. Immediate Vehicle Delivery means that as soon as we agree on figures, we can come up with a time for delivery that fits your schedule.  Even if  that means the same day!  We will be driving your vehicle to you, let you test drive it around your neighborhood to make sure it is exactly what your were expecting, then we finish the paperwork right there in your driveway or kitchen.  Delivery is Free to North Carolina, Georgia, and anywhere in South Carolina.  Some parts of Tennessee and Florida are included but call to verify.
7. Solid Dealership Reputation means that you should take a second to look our our online reviews.  Google,, DealerRater, Cargurus, Facebook, and more have us as at least a 4.5 or better.  Click those links to read more for yourself.
8. Super Selection is the easiest part of our job!  The biggest difference is that everything you find on our site is all at one location!  We refresh our website every 24 hours so if something sells it will be off the site the next day!  You can feel confident that if you just decide to drive over one     day, the car you want to see will be here and available to test drive! We have 220+ on the site right now (Nov 7th 2017) and 75+ vehicles under $10,000 including trucks.
9. Direct Market Pricing means that everyday we have a team of people that make sure our pricing is some of the most aggressive in the market. We make sure that we are comparing like models with similar equipment and miles.  After reviewing all the similar vehicles in the next 300 mile radius we can determine what value it will need to make sure the vehicle is here 30 days or less. Our Average turn rate right now for our entire  220+ vehicle inventory stays between 25-35 days so don't wait to long on the perfect car!
10.  Speedy Sales Process:  45 is all it should take to get you in and out of the dealership.  The process will move as fast or as slow as you want it to!  We even give you a few tools online that can speed up that 45 minutes to 20 minutes.  You can choose the vehicle you want, complete a customer application online, go over the figure like month payment, term, rate, etc over the phone, value your vehicle with our Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer Tab, then just test drive and sign!

    If you hit a point in your shopping process where you can't get to the information you need online, reach out to our Business Development Center by calling 888.687.4419 and ask for one of our reps.  They can go take more pictures of a car, climb underneath and get a video, get the Repair Order for the car showing all the work we have already performed to certify that particular vehicle, and more!  We can also provide a Free Car-fax for every vehicle listed on our site ($40 Value for Each).

We are a Car-fax Advantage Dealer which means we use Car-fax through out our entire process:
-When Buying our vehicles at a dealer sale or purchasing one from a customer, a car-fax is looked at every time!
-When Retailing the Vehicle online, we have all the car-fax's listed for free under the photo of every car.  That's full transparency.
-When purchasing the vehicle you will get a signed copy of the car-fax to take with you!
-When servicing your car we report to car-fax so one day when you go to trade that vehicle, yours will have the Carfax Gold Star showing all the         care you gave your used car over the years.  This is how you get top dollar for your vehicle.

Got more questions:  Call me or text me personally!

Mike Dangerfield
Internet Manager
C: 843.296.7490
W: 843-719-5000
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