This Nail-Biting Video Will Make You Want to Hug Your Dog

At Rally De Santa Cruz in Bolivia last weekend, something unexpected was caught on film that will make your heart jump out of your chest. A little dog wandered onto the live race course.

Onlookers cried out, pointing at the dog, but none dared to go to its rescue -- a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, driven by Fernando Zuasnabar, had already begun its lap, and would be sailing around the blind corner any moment at close to 70mph. Sure enough, its loud engine could soon be heard fast approaching.

Seconds before the inevitable tragedy, with inches to spare, the rally car hit a raised embankment and passed the dog in a stunning overhead jump.

This incredible footage shows that anything can happen when you're driving down a backroad. Always remember to use caution and watch out for wildlife, pedestrians, and pets when you're out taking advantage of the capable handling of used four-wheel drive trucks and SUVs from AutoMaxx of Summerville.


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