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Learn the Value of Your Vehicle Trade with Tools from KBB

Kelly Blue Book is one of the most trusted consumer resources in the auto industry. Drivers of all stripes use KBB to research new vehicles and learn the value of their older ones. The team at Automaxx of the Carolinas knows this, and that's we decided to rely on KBB to make our dealership website more useful for you. When you visit the Value Your Trade page on our site, you'll find easy-to-use tools powered by Kelly Blue Book.

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IIHS Head Restraints & Seats Test Explained

One of the most confusing safety ratings given by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is head restraints & seats. You don't exactly buckle your cranium into a harness when you get in your car, after all! So what does this rating mean?

This test would be better named whiplash, because that is what it is fundamentally measuring. Neck sprains are one of the most common injuries sustained during fender-benders (and more serious accidents for that matter, but whiplash can happen at relatively low speeds).

The quality of seats and headrests, as everybody but IIHS calls them, make a…

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4 Sticky Car Problems WD-40 Can Solve

WD-40 is sort of like reverse-duct tape. Think about it. Duct tape is an affordable household item that is every handyman's friend—there's nothing it can't stick together. WD-40 is another familiar item in every garage and workshop across Summerville, and it also has legendary power—to unstick anything under the sun.

It's a great product for maintaining your pre-owned vehicle. Using nothing but a bottle of WD-40 spray lubricant and a clean towel (and protective gear, if you're playing it safe!) you can quickly and easily remove:

  • Stuck-on bugs from your fender
  • Bumper stickers…
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How a Mythbusters Video Helped a Woman Survive Her Car Crashing Into a Frozen River

With so many bodies of water -- including the Atlantic Ocean -- in the Summerville, Goose Creek, and Charleston area, it may have crossed your mind one or two times, "what happens if my car sinks?" Most of us don't have an answer to that, except maybe, "panic!"

Theresa Booth had to face this reality head-on on chilly Minnesota morning in 2007.

With her baby daughter in the backseat, Booth drove over a patch of icy road, and lost control. Within seconds, their vehicle was sinking under freezing river water. It was already too late to push the doors open -- then…

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How Two Organizations Decide if Your Car is Safe

There are two organizations in the United States responsible for doling out safety ratings, and they don't always agree. Some automakers will proudly announce that a new model won a Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), while quietly sweeping their less-than-perfect rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) under the rug.

How do the IIHS and NHTSA decide...

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Used Car Buying Tips from Kelley Blue Book: #2 Research


In our last post, we introduced you to the first tip that Kelley Blue Book’s suggests for smart used car buying. Now we will present the second tip, which is research. In other words, used car buying is a bit different than new car shopping. When you are looking for a new car, you can log online and discover an infinite amount of information, such as engine specifications, trim level options, and more. However, when you see a used car that you like ...

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Used Car Buying Tips from Kelley Blue Book: #1 The Budget


Automaxx Pre-owned Supercenter is your resource for used car sales in Summerville, South Carolina. That means we have a huge selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale at amazingly low prices. However, it also means we take our role as a dealership seriously, and that means we want to provide you with a full range of resources and information so you can make an informed purchase on a pre-owned vehicle. Here is the first of many excellent used car buying tips from Kelley Blue Book’s

The first tip is that you must know your budget…

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This Nail-Biting Video Will Make You Want to Hug Your Dog

At Rally De Santa Cruz in Bolivia last weekend, something unexpected was caught on film that will make your heart jump out of your chest. A little dog wandered onto the live race course.

Onlookers cried out, pointing at the dog, but none dared to go to its rescue -- a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, driven by Fernando Zuasnabar, had already begun its lap, and would be sailing around the blind corner any moment at close to 70mph. Sure enough, its loud engine…

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Would You Feel Safer if Heavy Trucks Had Speed Limiters?

On August 26, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a new proposal to limit the speed of tractor-trailers. If the proposed regulation is implemented, all vehicles over 26,000 pounds would be required to use speed-limiting devices to prevent drivers exceeding 68mph.

Vehicles like buses and semi-trailer trucks pose a greater safety risk due to their large mass.

"This is basic

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Forbes: Best Used Cars for New Grads

If you can, go big, go heavy and go reliable. That's the basic advice Forbes delivers in a recent article on the best cars for new graduates, whether from high school or college.

Driving a safer vehicle is critical for younger drivers, says Forbes. Car crashes, after all, remain the leading cause of death among Americans ages 15 to 19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Forbes combed through crash test and owner-reported performance data for vehicles from the 2011 model year to come up with a list of a dozen affordable five-year-old vehicles that come…

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