Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

January 31st, 2017 by

Just like the way a human being has a heart, it’s the same for a car. A car’s heart is the engine, and for it to last for a long time, maintenance is required. Not many understand how important it is for one to maintain their engine using the right oil. Your engine cannot operate properly without a lubricant. The engine consists of rotating and moving parts, and if it isn’t lubricated, the engine will wear out due to friction. In some cases, your engine will get contaminated with sludge or rather, carbon deposits which after accumulating may lead to rough idle or lack or power.

Two Different Types of Oil and How They Differ:

  • Conventional oil is a mixture of purified crude oil with various blended chemical additives. Its viscosity level ranges and depending on your engine type, you have a variety to choose from. It also offers low mileage oil for your engine.
  • Synthetic oil is made up of precisely blended formula that has been developed in the lab by researchers. It also incorporates performance additives that help in engine protection while running and when starting your engine.

Thus, it is imperative for your engine to be taken care off to ensure you enjoy your ride every moment you enter your car.

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